Who we are

We are NIDID – New Ideas for Development, Identity and Democracy – a Berlin-based NGO founded in 2016. Our active members comprise:

David Leupold is a research scholar and postdoc at the University of Michigan, exploring politics of memory, nationalism and collective violence. As an academic counselor of NIDID he has conducted events on current political issues at the Heinrich-Böll Foundation, organized workshops in the field of political education in Turkey, the Southern Caucasus and Central Asia.

Radostina Bratanova is a social and political scientist experienced in analyzing political communication, as well as the processes of democratization and development of civil society in Southeastern Europe around and after the 1990s. She is convinced that everybody has a story to tell that is worth hearing. What those stories add up to is history. Her geographical area of expertise comprise the Balkans.

Oliver Müser is a civil society activist and (video)journalist. Since 2015, he has implemented projects on democratization, conflict transformation and socioeconomic policy in Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and the South Caucasus. He holds a Masters in International Relations from the University of Cambridge.

Ewa Dabrowska is a political economist with a focus on Ukraine, Poland and Russia. She works as a project coordinator at Prisma Ukraina and just finished her PhD on Russian economic policy at the University of Amsterdam.

Fabian Täniges is a video journalist, media producer and editor from Berlin. With long-standing experience and expertise in the process of producing films, documentaries for German television and virtual tours, he guarantees that our projects employ novel and innovative media formats and create a sustainable output, reaching a diverse and broad audience.

Lilit Dabagian is a media researcher and practitioner at the University of Central Asia. In addition to her own projects she has worked in Brussels- and Moscow-based documentary productions. She studied Liberal Arts at the Bard College Berlin and Media Production in Creative Industries at the Higher School of Economics Moscow. Together with other members at NIDID she is currently working on a documentary film project on contested memories in conflict regions.

Radoslaw Szydlowski graduated from Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg in political sciences and sociology with a background in Social Theory and International Relations. Fieldwork leads him to post-communist countries where he explores the socio-cultural and political transformation. In his opinion one picture says more than thousand words. That is why a camera is his constant companion.

Edita Badasyan is a journalist from Georgia. She has contributed to a number of media outlets including ARD, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and Tagesspiegel. She also held fellowships from Robert Bosch and ZEIT Foundation as well as the European Journalism Observatory. She is a graduate of Tbilisi University and is currently pursuing a degree in literature and cultural studies at Humboldt University in Berlin.

Markus Sattler graduated from International Relations at Freie Universität Berlin. His research sheds light on subversive discourses and practices and their potential to transform existing modes of domination. Besides his studies, he is currently figuring out how to behave as a good father and is perpetually struggling to learn Georgian and Russian. His geographical area of expertise comprise the Southern Caucasus and the wider post-Soviet space.

Robert Goldammer is a project manager in the field of social work with longstanding experience in the work with disadvantaged and marginalised people. He studied Sociology and Political Science at Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg with a focus on collective identities, nationalism and Southeastern Europe.