Visualizing Memory

(визуализация памяти)

Workshop in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (2018)

Visualizing Memory is an ongoing project that seeks to explore the multi-facetted and multi-layered landscape of urban memory in the post-socialist space. The project is conducted by the NIDID members Lilit Dabagian, Media Researcher at the University of Central Asia, and David Leupold, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Michigan.

In May 2018, the first pilot project Visualizing Bishkek was launched to shed light on urban sites that tell new and fascinating counter-narratives on the history of Kyrgyzstan’s capital. Graciously hosted at the art space of Laboratory Ci, an introductory workshop brought together participants from extremely diverse occupational backgrounds interested in the topic – ranging from urban photographers, anthropologists and historians to marketing specialists and journalists.

Supported by local artists like the photographer Joshik Murzakhmetov, participants at first acquired profound scientific knowledge on the topic and were introduced to explored diverse forms of artistic expression including creative documentary and urban photography. At a second stage, they explored four urban sites of Bishkek as multi-layered memory landscapes: Ala-Too Square, Erkindik Boulevard, Intergelpo Rayon and Kuznechnaya Krepost.