Blue Stamp

vlcsnap-2018-11-17-17h50m14s182Scene from the documentary

Blue Stamp is a documentary film project conducted in collaboration with the Berlin-based media production company Hecht & Adler. From September to December 2017 members of NIDID visited the refugee camps on the Greek island Lesvos to capture the situation on the ground: the dire conditions in the mass camp Moria, the tension between Greek authorities, asylum-seekers and the local population as well as grassroots protest in solidarity with local and international activists. The film takes the audience from the picturesque shores of the Aegean sea to overcrowded and dehumane mass camps, featuring interviews with international relief workers, refugee activists and footage from within the occupied Syriza bbuilding. Through it we explore mass migration as both a catalysator for resurgent nationalistic movements across Europe and a historical opportuntiy to forge ties of societal belonging beyond ethno-centric identity categories.

A first edited raw version was presented to an audience in Berlin within the framework of Before the closed gates of Europe (“Vor den verschlossenen Toren Europas”), a raising awareness event held December 2017 at the Bildungswerk Heinrich-Böll.

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